Your next WhatsApp Status Update Could Feature a Voice Message

Your next WhatsApp Status Update Could Feature a Voice Message

According to a new feature discovered in the most recent Android beta release of Whatsapp, future status updates on the messaging app may include voice messages.

Reports from WABetaInfo suggest that WhatsApp is attempting to provide users with more options for the status updates they can publish. A new voice clip recording option has been added to the most recent beta (version

Short “stories,” images, videos, and texts that automatically vanish after a day were first introduced by Snapchat. Later, Instagram replicated the concept, and every other app under the sun did the same. In addition to Instagram, Facebook, and other sites where we currently receive something very similar in the form of that app’s “status” updates. Mainly, Meta made it a point to incorporate Stories on WhatsApp.

Evidence discovered by WABetaInfo points to the possibility that users will be able to record and post voice messages to their WhatsApp status using this new feature. We anticipate that once the capability is live, the app will let you record a voice note similar to how you can do it in a chat.


Although we haven’t seen any evidence to support it, this may include uploading them as you can transmit existing audio files as messages in WhatsApp chats. Voice recordings will be shared in status updates with your WhatsApp contacts using the same privacy settings you use for photographs and videos. They will be end-to-end encrypted precisely like those other types of content.

More and More Whatsapp Updates from Meta

Not just WhatsApp is experimenting with voice posts. Twitter has tested the ability to make voice tweets on iOS, but the feature has not yet been made generally accessible. WhatsApp, however, already offers voice messages, so it seems to be a logical expansion of the status option in this scenario.

However, more and more updates have been coming from the Meta-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp. In May, the app announced the release of its emoji reactions for users. Additionally, end-to-end encryption became available for sending files up to 2GB in size within WhatsApp. This increase from the previous cap of 100MB will benefit teamwork between small firms and educational institutions.

In a statement released by the app in May, it noted: “As we announced last month with our vision for Communities on WhatsApp… The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive, and we can’t wait to get many new features into people’s hands.”

WhatsApp’s Newly Released Features Rival Telegram

‘We’re excited to share that emoji reactions are now available on the latest version of the app. Reactions are fun and fast, and they reduce overload in groups too. We’ll continue improving them by adding an even broader range of expressions in the future.”

Other standout Telegram features not yet available on WhatsApp include chatbots and the ability to upload numerous profile images; Bots add valuable functions on their own and into your chats.

They can do everything from checking the weather to playing games- Auto-Night Mode, Self-Destruct Messages on Secret Chats, Lock Your Conversations Polls, Edit Sent Messages Send as well as Scheduled and Silent Messages. It will be nice to see Whatsapp incubate some of these exciting features in its app.