MVP Match, a Tech Talent Marketplace, Secures $5M Seed Funding to Build New Hubs in Africa and Europe

MVP Match, a Tech Talent Marketplace, Secures $5M Seed Funding to Build New Hubs in Africa and Europe

MVP Match, a German-based tech talent marketplace, has secured $5 million in seed funding from Stage 2 Capital to expand its strategy of connecting companies with talent from around the world. The startup will use the funds to establish new hubs in Africa and Europe, expand its team, and re-launch its proprietary platform, which will make “finding and working with tech talent easier than ever before.”

The startup’s entry into Egypt follows the recent increase in activities by the Egyptian edtech sector, which MVP Match will leverage to tap talent in Africa to build more networks in the region. MVP Match’s new hubs and the existing ones in Lisbon (Portugal) and Tbilisi (Georgia), will help its more than 100 clients hire local talent without having to establish operations in those jurisdictions.

Commenting on the raised and its expansion into the Egyptian market, Levin Wense, who co-founded MVP Match in 2020 with Philipp Petrescu said “We see our entry into Egypt as the first step in our exciting journey to include the entire continent in the global talent pool.” We will be able to truly open up this market to our clients by establishing a local presence and collaborating closely with local talent. And, with interesting projects from the world’s leading product companies comes knowledge transfer, which local senior talent values as much as fair working conditions.”

The CEO further explained that MVP Match acts as an Employer of Record, allowing it to manage the entire recruiting process, including the establishment of local office spaces and talent onboarding. This allows recruiters to build teams in other regions without having to worry about the time-consuming recruitment process and paperwork.

“With available locations such as Egypt, for example, our clients and other global companies can scale their products and engineering teams in nearshore, best value-for-money regions. We can provide them with complete legal infrastructure to permanently employ local talent without physical local presence,” Wense explained.

“For fast-growing companies operating in crowded markets, the ability to launch a nearshore hub with a fully equipped office space within weeks and build a more diverse and inclusive team can mean the difference between delivering or not delivering on their product roadmaps and strategic goals,” he concluded.

MVP Match vets talent before recommending it to companies by utilizing product and technology executives such as CTOs and experienced domain experts. To ensure that their clients, which include Voya Financial and accounting firm PwC, are matched with the right talent, vetting includes tech-related challenges and personality interviews.

Commenting on the round, Anubhav Maheshwari, partner at Stage 2 Capital said “Engineering, product, and design roles are critical, yet hard-to-fill positions. They’re in high demand by both growing technology companies, as well as non-tech companies undergoing rapid digital transformation. With a dedicated focus on providing an exceptional experience both for customers and remote talent alike, MVP Match is rapidly connecting proven and experienced professionals, wherever they may be located, with exciting and high-impact projects.”