Heyfood is Raising the Standard of Food Delivery Service in Africa

Heyfood is Raising the Standard of Food Delivery Service in Africa

In a tech savvy global system, businesses that aren’t digitally oriented are more likely to fall behind. With technology disrupting the global system, more and more businesses are joining the tech frenzy to remain competitive. The thirst for convenience has prompted the enhancement of service delivery across sectors in Africa’s tech space. It is no wonder why food delivery is becoming popular in Africa. In 2018, Frost and Sullivan estimated the global food delivery service industry generated $82 billion in gross revenue and predicted that this number will more than double by 2025. For Nigerian Foodtech startup, Heyfood, this is a chance to achieve their African dream. Gastronome is becoming a major trend among African youths. They need their food needs met at their own convenience.

How Heyfood Meets Demands

Heyfood as a food delivery startup is providing fast and easy food delivery services for users. The startup connects users with local restaurants. The startup launched in 2021 by CEO, Taiwo Akinropo and CTO, Demilade Odetara. Heyfood currently operates in Ibadan. The startup has been termed as the DoorDash of Africa, and plans on expanding to Lagos and other megacities across Africa.

To order food, you open the app (or site) and choose the restaurant. Then build your cart, place the order, and pay through the app. With Heyfood, consumers can use a combination of search engines, online reviews from consumers and media. The restaurant’s website and menu also serves as guide. The app gives them the leverage to make informed decisions on what and where to eat based on their food preferences and budget.


Unlike Doordash in America, Heyfood makes a profit on every single delivery, from day 1. The startup is targeting Millennials and Gen Z urban professionals in Africa’s top 70 cities. It projects that within 10 years there will be 140m number of these people that will want to order food once a week, giving them $1 per delivery. Heyfood believes it is taking on a $50 billion market.

Opportunity for Businesses

Heyfood allows restaurants provide customers a choice of multiple order fulfillment options, boost kitchen efficiency with tools to better control workflow, and so much more. In fact, restaurants can see a 189% increase in sales when they add online ordering with Heyfood. Restaurants are allowed to use their own staff or third-party couriers and pay no marketplace commissions.

According to Heyfood, “With your own online ordering page, you can encourage diners to order directly through you, instead of through online marketplaces or third-party delivery apps. Heyfood lets you own the ordering relationship so you can foster stronger customer loyalty while you avoid paying those steep marketplace commissions”.

Heyfood also empower local businesses and local drivers (called Fooders) with opportunities to earn, work, and live. As a Fooder, you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when, where, and how much you earn. All you need is a mode of transportation and a smartphone to start making money. “It’s that simple”.

The massive rise of delivery services points to one key thing: the future of food delivery is bright. As customers require greater convenience in their daily lives (and access to good food), the demand for food delivered fresh will only continue to grow. Restaurants and riders can grow their businesses by registering on the link here.



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